About Us

At Great Dismal Swamp RestorationBank, we recognize the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.  We can guarantee superior environmental results at prices much lower than other alternatives.  Often, with our experience, we can shorten the time and reduce complications in the federal and state permitting process.  GDSRB offers the advantages of purchasing already released credits that meet all of the wetland criteria set forth by the federal and state government, as opposed to the usually more lengthy and expensive option of onsite mitigation, which requires continued monitoring. Upon purchasing and reporting of credits, the applicant is then released of any further mitigation responsibilities by the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) and other federal and state agencies.  GDSRB credits are already released, meet wetland and habitat criteria and, upon purchase and reporting, provide immediate mitigation with no further responsibilities.


The approval of our mitigation banking instrument (MBI) by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was received in 1997, with our first credit sale in 2003.  Since that time we have sold credits to state and local governments, in addition to private developers. We currently have, in operation, mitigation banks serving several watersheds and HUC (Hydrological Unit Code) areas as listed on our Locations page.

We have restored previously converted croplands and preserved tracts of threatened, high quality swamp forests to generate wetland and habitat mitigation credits.  These credits are recognized by environmental agencies as compensation for other wetlands and habitats impacted upon the conclusion of the permitting process.  At GDSRB, we pay attention to the details of the property and enhance them to maximize the environmental impact of these newly restored wetlands, as is demonstrated by the details of these projects listed on our Locations page.